Investment & Business


Sahabat Ar Rahnu

The SAR scheme is an additional microcredit financing service to the existing financing scheme aimed at assisting the community especially Members during financial constraints by providing secured debt in accordance with sharia law.



Koperasi Amanah Koop Berhad (Koop Sahabat) has approved I-Lestari financing products to assist members   in resolving financial problems. This product is a personal financing without  collateral offered to eligible members.



Koperasi Sahabat Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia Berhad (Koop Sahabat) has approved the Umrah Ziarah financing product to help members perform Umrah. Umrah and Ziarah’s matters will be managed by an accredited agency appointed by Koop Sahabat.

carlton inn bukit ubi

Luxury Condominium

Koop Sahabat also conducts hospitality activities by managing Carlton Hotel Shah Alam and Carlton Inn Bukit Ubi, Kuantan.

Expressionz KL

Luxury condominium

There are two (2) luxury condominiums owned by Koop Sahabat located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Expressionz Professional Suite in Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur and Tamu Suites in Kampung Bahru, Kuala Lumpur

lot kedai-01

Shop / office lot

One of the biggest investments of Koop Sahabat is property ownership where the main purpose is to be used as rental of office space, shop lots 


Gemalai Primary Industry Sdn Bhd (GPISB) (previously known as Gemalai Plantation Sdn Bhd) is one of the subsidiaries under the group Koperasi Sahabat Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia Berhad (“Koop Sahabat”). Koop Sahabat took over Gemalai Plantation Sdn Bhd on September 22, 2014. Name change to Gemalai Primary Industry Sdn Bhd (GPISB) on 22 February 2019.


Swiftlet's Nest (Bird’s Nest)

The swiftlet industry has great potential in the market and is increasingly becoming the main choice of entrepreneurs today. Koop Sahabat also owns a swiftlet nest house located at Gemalai Plantation Sdn Bhd in Gua Musang.



Koop Sahabat ventures into logging in Jerantut, Pahang for a logging concession of 6,591 acres


Food Packaging

In line with the latest technological advances, Koop Sahabat also owns a food packaging factory business called Sahabat Ikhtiar Retort Sdn Bhd which is located in the Senawang industrial area, Negeri Sembilan which started operating in October 2014.



Another great addition of Koop Sahabat business is the production of cosmetics with its branding. The involvement in the cosmetics industry is one of Koop Sahabat’s portfolio enhancements through retailing.


Import & Export

Koop Sahabat took the initiative by venturing into the import & export business to expand the existing portfolio while increasing the Group’s income. This in turn providing lucrative returns to Koop Sahabat’s members as well.


Strategic Investment

Carrying out operating and maintenance services at the Langkawi Incinerator Plant and Solid Waste Disposal Site in Kampung Belanga Pecah on Langkawi Island, Kedah Darul Aman and Tioman Incinerator Plant on Tioman Island.