Strategic Investment

Drizzle Engineering Sdn Bhd

Carrying out operating and maintenance services at the Langkawi Incinerator Plant and Solid Waste Disposal Site in Kampung Belanga Pecah on Langkawi Island, Kedah Darul Aman and Tioman Incinerator Plant on Tioman Island.

Koperasi Sahabat Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia Berhad through its subsidiary, Drizzle Engineering was mandated by the Government of Malaysia through the Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT) to carry out operations and maintenance, which is currently actively completing the Langkawi Incinerator Plant Project, a similar incinerator plant in Langkawi Island.

Loji insinerator ini menggunakan teknologi “stoker” dari Korea Selatan. Teknologi ini digunakan di negara Korea Selatan, Jepun, Singapura dan beberapa negara maju lain. This incinerator has two (2) rows namely Line 1 and Line 2, where Line 1 is in the process of being completed.