5 Shared Values

1. Sense of Belonging (Al-Malik)

The feeling of being valued as individuals and recognized for our achievements. This feeling of being accepted, included, and supported, as well as being a part of something bigger than ourselves at Koop Sahabat is what prompts our members to build trust, adhere to responsibilities, and give their best unconditionally.

2. Leadership (Khalifah)

You have a leader in you. At Koop Sahabat, every member, employee, and shareholder is a caliph and a leader to themselves. Leadership is what drives the behaviors and actions of each Koop Sahabat’s individual.

3. United (Al-Jami’)

Unity is what holds the team together in every situation. It allows us to build inner strength, form strong bonds, and increase workplace morale in the face of obstacles.

4. Caring (As-Sami)

Caring is an integral element of our business. Every member and employee embraces empathy and understands the situations and values of other individuals and groups. All of us at Koop Sahabat are always listening to each other and encourage positive responses and engagement.

5. Grateful (As-Syakur)

Gratitude and appreciation can infiltrate the workplace and inspires everyone in this big family. Being thankful and acknowledging the goodness and positive things in life can lead to greater contribution and productivity. A grateful culture is a healthy culture.